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Itsmylife2 in Life Coaching Performance based Certification Task exams.

A Certificate is provided if you achieve a minimum of 50% for your exam. 

Students who purchase a Itsmylife2 online e-book or who complete a live Life Coaching course with Itsmylife2 can complete an online final exam in order to achieve a certificate in Life Coaching & Self Awareness from level 1 up to level 5.

After completing the Itsmylife2 Life Orientation curriculum Students need to achieve a minimum of 50% for the final exam in order to receive a Certificate in Life Coaching and Self Awareness. The certificate is a Performance Based Certification Task. Students can use their certificate towards their Portfolio of Evidence. Students may take the online final exam up to 5 times. All courses and exams on the Itsmylife2 website can be accessed via PC, mobile devices and tablets - internet connection is required in order to complete the online exams.