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Electronic Products, Online Resources and Downloads

Online resources or digital files for download or similar services will only be made available to you once your payment has been authorised. No contract of any kind between you and us is formed unless and until you make payment for such products or services.
You acknowledge that such items may include security technology which ensures that they may only be used in accordance with the applicable licence rights. Please refer to the product’s or services’ specific terms of supply.
You may not cancel any purchase of a download after your payment has been confirmed and may only return a download if it is defective. If you are unable to complete the download process or wish us to provide a replacement for a file that is defective please contact our helpdesk and, where this is due to our default, we will replace or refund the download.
The following terms apply to software and other electronic products ordered through our Website unless otherwise specified in the individual terms of supply:
  • Use (load into temporary memory or permanent storage) a single copy of the product on only one computer at a time. If this computer is linked to a network then the product may only be installed in a manner such that it is not accessible to other machines on the network,
  • Transfer the product from one computer to another provided that you only use it on one computer at a time unless you have purchased an e-book product which has a license limited for use on a single computer.
  • Re-sell, rent or lease the product or any part of it,
  • Copy any part of the product, except where specifically indicated otherwise or for back-up purposes,
  • Reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the product or convert it into any other format or medium,
  • Use the product on more than one computer at a time.
All software supplied to you through this Website is our property or that of our affiliates or of third parties who have granted us rights and is protected by South Africa and international copyright laws. You will only own any disk on which the software is supplied.