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Itsmylife2 provides a online eLearning Management Suite of Content Learning Management Systems which are easy to use by SME's, schools and training facililities from the front end. Students, candidates, jobseekers, trainees and students make use of online quizzes and exams which are compiled by trainees, recruiters, schools and trainers. 

Our eLearning Management Suite is user friendly and comprises of media, pdf, powerpoint, jpgs or video uploads to enhance learning experiences. The eLearning management suite can also be used for internal or external training, candidate shortlisting questionaires, final exams and certificates. 

Online courses can be charged or made available for free, depending on the choice of the training providers.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

e-Learning platforme

Course Builder

Use embedded content creation tools that support multiple formats

Assessment & Quizzes

Create tests to review knowledge transfer and reinforce concepts

Survey & Feedback

Gather feedback from learners using built-in survey tool and reports

Checklists & Tasks

Create guided tasks, acceptance, and lists for learners using checklist module

Course Library

Give learners a course library to browse, search and self-enroll

Reports & Dashboards

Review learner performance and gain insight into training impact with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, or create custom reports and have them delivered via email


Easily monetize your courses using pre-packaged ecommerce features or set up an online storefront using Litmos’s Shopify integration


Define and issue certificates of completion for learner achievements

Corporate Compliance

Track and automate compliance training requirements across the enterprise

Learning Paths

String together multiple courses in logical groupings to create curriculum plan for learners to follow

Create unlimited online lessons, quizzes and exams on Itsmylife2's easy interface.

      LESSONS elearn3

With our online e-learning platform you can add as many lessons as you want and manage them on the Courses Manager. 

                 elearn4MEDIA LIBRARY   

Add any type of media to your media library: video, audio, text, files and more!

Our Itsmylife2 Media Library, allows you to create a comprehensive library of all types of media: video, audio, documents, files and text.

 Front-end Teacher interface     elearn5  

Your teacher's can prepare lessons, add ebooks, media, compile tests and exams themselves.

elearn6Student interface

Student interface allows students to view their courses, their tests and test scores.

Tests & Quizzes      elearn7

Add quizzes throughout your lessons to test your students understanding of the material. Set single answer questions, multiple choice questions, true or false questions and allow your students to write essays which you can mark, comment and send their results back to them online.

Itsmylife2 learning quizzes are a great way to find out if your students understand the learning material.

elearn8 Online Media

Add YouTube or Vimeo Video's or even your own video's as media to your lessons 

Add e-books to your lessons elearn9

Teachers can add ebooks to their lessons or Itsmylife2 can convert lesson material into ebooks for Teachers.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.