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 e-Brochures, online catalogues and e-books

PDF to e-brochure up to 800 pages 

You can send us your PDF's, JPEGS, YouTube ID (video/s), links for us to insert into your e-book, e-brochure, online catalogue etc. We can also design your online catalogues, e-books outlay and e-brochures at an hourly fee. 



We can create a Youtube Video and we can embed into your e-brochure

OR we can produce a short video clip for you by making use of some of the pictures you send us. 


(Please use your name and surname Or company name when making payment and on your email to us so we can identify your e-brochure order and payment with ease)

We can also host of your e-Brochure, online catalogue or e-book on our server if you do not have a website


You have the option of hosting your e-brochure on your own server - your webmaster can insert your e-brochure on your own server by embedding your e-brochure into a webpage.

Updates to online brochures

You can send us your PDF for update (Even if it is one page, we have to re-generate the entire file) 


Embedding Video in your Online Brochure

We can embed linked video content (YouTube links) into your online brochure. Just provide us with the link and we'll take care of the rest.

Adding table of contents 

Table of contents are built manually. If you would like a table of contents please provide us with the information. Remember, page 1 is the cover page. Please note, that if you need to update the content of your online publication, the table of contents and entire publication will need to be rebuilt.

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