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1. How long does it take to see my online e-brochure?

We try to turnaround your online brochure in 48 hours. Sometimes it takes a little longer but rarely more than 48 hours (Monday-Friday).

Your satisfaction is our goal. Once you have committed to using our services, we know you want the finished product as soon as possible.

2. Do e-brochures work with mobile devices and tablets?

Yes. While Flash is the technology used if viewing the brochures on on a computer, our process also uploads separate files which are used when mobile devices are used to connect to your brochure. They may work a little differently from device to device but they work on just about any mobile or tablet.

3. Can I embed the online e-brochure on my website?

Yes, whether the brochure is hosted with us or on your site, you can embed it in an existing web page using the "iframe" command. Click on the image on the left to see an example.

4. How do viewers share the e-brochure?

One of the great features of our online brochures is the "Share This" button. When you clients click on this they can choose to send an e-mail or share the link to your brochure on Facebook, Twitter or get the code to create an embedded link! Check out the "Share This" feature in this example. The button is the globe icon at the lower left.

5. Do pages in landscape mode work?

Yes, however, the wide aspect of 2 pages side by side on a computer screen leaves a lot of "dead" space in the window. As an alternative, we recommend single (rather than spread) page viewing as the default viewing move.

6. How do Itsmylife2 e-brochures work with search engines?

Unlike many other Flash based flip-page brochures, Itsmylife2 Online Brochures are optimized for search engines. Although the search engines cannot read the Flash files that you or your clinets see, a series of SEO files are uploaded with the content of your pages in them. The search engines can read and index these text files and associate them with the flip page brochure your clients view!

7. Hosting files. How do I put the files on my own website?

After you have paid for your online brochure and it has been approved, we will send you a Zip file with all the online brochure files. You UnZip them and transfer them to a folder on your site via FTP. The only instruction is that the folders and files all need to be in the same relative position as they are in the Zip file.

For example, on your server, create a folder called "online-brochure". Using an FTP program like Filezilla, upload all the files and folders to the "online-brochure" folder. The URL you will use to send to your clients is: "" - that's all.

8. What if I need to make changes to my e-brochure?

If you need to change the content there is a minimum charge of R110 minimum charge. For large documents, this fee may be higher.

If your publication requires frequent updates (newsletter, magazines etc.), please call for custom quote.  It is best to make sure your online brochure is final before you send it to us.

9.  Hosting files. How does it work on your site?

If you choose our services to host your online brochure, we will place the files in a folder, give you the link and you can simply send that link to your clients. If you need a thumbnail image with a link for you site, just ask, we'll be happy to provide that to you. We provide annual hosting fees of R50 per e-brochure.

10. Adding table of contents

If you are using professional software such as InDesign, build the document’s Table of Contents using the software's automatic table of Contents feature. Make sure it is embedded into the PDF when exporting, the Table of Contents will be automatically converted and inserted into the online publication.

If you need us to create the Table of contents manually, we price this service according to the number of entries. Table of contents are built manually and priced according to the number of entries. Please note, that if you need to update the content of your online publication, the table of contents will need to be rebuilt each time. R15 per entry.

11. Creating URL links in your e-brochure

The best way to create links in the online publication is to have them built into the PDF when it is created*. Our software will detect these and automatically create the links - so there is no additional charge to you. However, you need to be using professional software such as InDesign to do this. If you cannot do this, we can create the links for you. The price is determined when we see the scope of the work based on your PDF file. Minimum - R35.

*When you create the PDF, make sure you check the "include hyperlinks" option as a PDF export option. If your software does not have this then it may not be capable of creating PDF with embedded links

Please note: Adobe Acrobat Reader may see links such as "" and let the user access that URL but it is not truly embedded in the PDF file and it will not be converted in the flip page process.

12.Can you embed video's into a e-brochure?

Yes, we can add YouTube videos in you're online brochure

13. Can I make PDF files? Can you use a Word/Publisher/Powerpoint file?

Our process requires PDF files. However, we can take you native Word/PowerPoint/Publisher file and convert it to PDF. There may be a small charge for this service depending on the file. However, please be aware that opening files on different computers can cause issues which change the look of the document. This is generally caused by missing fonts. If we do don't have the font you use in your file the appearance can change. Most of the recent versions of th programs mentioned above have features which can embed the fonts and eliminate this problem.