e-brochure Highlights

  • Fast loading
  • Easy navigation with multiple options
  • Image or solid color background
  • Include internal and external hyperlinks - automatically included if they are built into your PDFs**
  • Change menu colors to suite your publication
  • Simple zoom in and out - just click on the page
  • Download PDF and/or Print pages
  • Add background sound
  • Share pages via e-mail
  • Customizable mouse over tool tips
  • Scalable window or use in full screen
  • View as page spreads or single pages
  • No upper limit to number of pages in publication
  • Most features can be enabled or disabled


Other Important Features:

  • SEO version uploaded automatically. You cannot see these files but search engines can.
  • Add Google Analytics via UA#
  • Searchable text feature
  • Table of Contents - automatically included if built into your PDF.
  • Online brochure can be added to FACEBOOK pages
  • Slide show options
  • Component buttons (Save/Print/Zoom, etc.)
  • Panels (Table of Contents/Thumbnails/Bookmarks) can be open by default

In most cases, when we receive your file, we look at your PDF and choose the features which suit your content. However, all you have to do is let us know and we will happily change the feature in your Online Brochure.

**Please note that Acrobat Reader will recognize URLs and makes them clickable within Acrobat but if they are not built-in to the file they do not convert in our process. Links built correctly into your PDF using professional design software such as InDesign will be automatically converted (it also can be done, post-PDF creation, in Acrobat Professional).